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What people are saying about the Boundless Health Program:

“Dr. Scher’s 6-month Boundless Health program has been helping me make progress on my health journey. I started the program 5 months ago, after I decided to get more serious about my health and reduce my coronary heart disease (CHD) risk by making healthy diet and lifestyle changes.

The is providing me with excellent video and written content that helps me progressively realize my health goals with effective plans of action.

Using the knowledge that Dr. Scher has shared with me about medical treatment options for my CHD and his suggestions for blood testing to monitor my progress, I have been able to have intelligent discussions with the local doctors on my care team who are providing my treatment and influence in a positive way the direction my medical treatment is taking.

Boundless Health is the go-to program for world-class health coaching, as well as accurate, reliable, and trustworthy medical information.

 – Ken Carrillo, Chemical Engineer

Boundless Health Program
Is it time for you to accomplish goals you never thought possible? Whether you want to optimize your health, your mental performance, or if you want to break free of the stale box of contemporary healthcare, you are in the right place!

The Boundless Health Membership Program is a 6-month program where Dr. Bret Scher will give you the tools you need to achieve your goals and your Best Health Ever. You will receive weekly courses that will teach you about nutrition, fitness, goal setting, how to stay focused, and so much more. Each video comes with a workbook or handout to reinforce your knowledge, not to mention some of Dr. Scher's favorite recipes and practical health tips.

If you are just starting to prioritize your health, or if you have tried every diet and every health program out there, this program is for you! Learn to see your health in a whole new light and start your journey to achieving your health and life goals today!
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