Lipids Course

Truth About Lipids Course
Is everything we have been taught about lipids wrong????

Well…..Yes and No. We have all heard that LDL is a killer and needs to be lowered at any expense. We have also heard that LDL is meaningless and can be ignored.

It’s more complicated than this simplistic black and white presentation. But where does that leave you?

I encounter this dilemma on a regular basis with my cardiology patients and with my health coaching clients. That is why I created this Truth About Lipids Course. In this course, I walk you through the evidence for and against lipids being a health concern, and I show how we can all better assess our cardiovascular risk.

After participating in this video course, you will likely know more than your doctor about lipids, and will be able to have more meaningful discussions about what your lipids mean for you and how they fit into your bigger health picture.

This video course is not meant to diagnose or treat any condition, and is not medical advice. But it is knowledge and power so you can work with your doctors on a much higher level to optimize your health and your life.

You deserve better than the knee jerk reaction toward LDL. You deserve an individualized, thorough assessment of your risk and your health. This video series shows you how to do that.

Come with me on this journey through The Truth About Lipids, and start to transform your health and your healthcare today!
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